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Ramayana IX: Ravana’s End

on October 23, 2012

And so, Lakshmana was revived by the Sanjeevani Booti …












Narrator: The Battle Drums roll! The Asuras are strong, but the Vanaar Sena have the force of Rama. Lakshmana has been revived! The Sanjeevani Booti gives them hope and strength. Meghnad climbs on to his flying chariot and calls out to Lakshmana.

Meghnad: Lakshmana! Come and fight again! Fight for Sita, Fight for your brother! I will surely get you today.

Lakshmana: I will fight! And fight to win this time! On guard!

Narrator: And as the skies shook with the celestial weapons, Lakshmana and Meghnad fought, till finally …

Meghnad: AAAaaaaaaa! That was the deathblow!

Lakshmana: Tell your brother, evil and greed will always be destroyed!


Ravana:Oh no! My bright Meghnaad has been killed! It is time to wake up Kumbhakarana. Bring on Kumbhakarana!

Courtier: O great King! But Waking Kumbhakarana is impossible! He eats for six months and sleeps for six months! It is not time to wake him up yet. It cannot be done.

Ravana: It is my order! And my brother will wake to fight for me!

Courtier: As you order, my lord. It may take an army to rouse him!

Narrator: Kumbhakarana rises, a giant with a loping gait. With every step he takes a hundred of the vanaar sena are crushed 😦

Kumbhakarana causes fierce damage.

Hanuman: The killing of Kumbhakarana is essential. But he has the gift of invincibiity! How shall we kill him?

Rama: I shall kill him with Indra’s arrow.

Narrator: And that is what happens. Ravana is wild with grief.

Ravana: My brother! My son! All gone! I am desolate! I shall have my revenge!

Rama: Ravana, go back this evening and come back to fight with weapons tomorrow. I cannot shoot at an unarmed enemy.

Narrator: Ravana goes back to his palace where his wife Mandodari speaks to him.

Mandodari: What is all this destruction for? Why this battle? Why have my sons been killed? All for a beautiful woman?

Ravan: This is destined, my dear wife. The battle inevitable.

Manodari: In the battle between right and wrong, you know you have done wrong. You have brought this punishment upon your family and your kingdom. Punishment we did not deserve.

Ravan: you may be right, my true wife. They have sadly been hurt. We must fear the unintended consequences of our actions. But this battle must be fought, for honour. Even if I lose, I must fight.

Narrator: The next morning, Rama and Ravana face each other. Ravana’s brother Vibhishana is on Rama’s side, ready to help.

Rama:Come and fight, Ravana. You know you have sinned. Come and pay the price.

Ravana: I am the great Ravana! I cannot be killed – try as you might!

Rama: I shall chop your head off with my arrow! (Shoots arrow)

Ravana: Ha Ha ha ha ha! See my heads grow back! You can never kill me!

Vibhishana: (whispering to Rama) – Shoot at his navel. His life is in his navel

Rama: This is the end, my friend. (Shoots at navel)

Ravana: Aaaah! It am fortunate to die at the hands of a good man, an avatar.

Narrator: The battle is ended. The Vaanar Sena cheers the victory of Good over Evil. Devi Sita is rescued!!

And all over the land, effigies of Ravan are burnt, as symbols of evil.

Of course, this is not the end of the story.

But to hear the Story of Rama and Sita together, and what happens next, you will just have to come back another day!


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