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Ramayana II: Growing Up

on October 16, 2012

Continuing the saga  of the family of King Dashrath …



Sages Vishwamitra and Vashishta

Four Princes: Rama, Lakshmana, Bharat and Shatrughna


Asuras (can be a picture in the background)

Narrator: Welcome to the Palace of Ayodhya! Where the halls resound with the happy laughter of four princes.

Rama: Here I am! Throw the ball to me!

Lakshmana: I caught it for you brother! Here you are – take it.

Bharat: To Me! To me! Throw the Ball to Me!

Shatrughna: It’s my turn now! Yaay!

Narrator: The princes played on, and centuries later people wrote songs about it

Link: Thumak Chalat..

(But soon it was time for School..)

Dasharath: Call the Wise Sage of the Court, Vashishta

(Vashishta arrives)

Dasharath: I bow to you Great Sage, and pray that you teach my sons!

Vashishta: I will teach your sons, King! I will teach them to be men and to be Kings. I will teach them of kindness, and I will teach them war. I will show them cruel weapons, and I will show them beautiful poetry. I will take them to the Ashram to teach them how to slay their Demons.

Dasharath:Take them, and Teach them!

Vashishta: Bless them on their journey to manhood, O King! Let them go.

Narrator: Vashishta leaves the palace with the four princes.

(Princes fence in the background)

Narrator: As they grow up, they learn to battle and win.

They learn to survive in the jungle as happily as they had in the palace.

When they are sixteen and have learnt all that the wise Sage Vashishta teaches them, they return to the palace in Ayodhya. King Dashrath’s heart overflows with gladness.  And then, one day, the great Sage Vishwamitra arrives at court.

Vishwamitra: O King, I come to seek Help! The demons are destroying my Ashram and eating all the villagers! Save us!

Dashrath:I shall send my bravest soldiers to help you.

Vishwamitra: But I want only Rama and Lakshmana.

Dashrath: But they are only children! How can they fight the terrible asuras?

Vishwamitra: They are able students of Guru Vashishta, O King . Let them grow into able young men. Let them come with me.

Narrator: King Dashrath is unable to refuse and lets Rama and Lakshmana go with Vishwamitra.

Soon they reach Vishwamitra’s ashram where the asuras are destroying everything in sight.

(Asuras brandishing weapons and dancing in the background)

Vishwamitra: Go Rama and Lakshmana! Go and save the village from the Asuras!

Rama: As you say, Guru Sage!

Lakshmana: We shall kill them all!

Narrator: And they do!

(Rama bows to Sage Vishwamitra)

(Lakshmana bows to Sage Vishwamitra)

Vishwamitra: Boys! You have made us proud! You have killed the trouble making demons! But to be true men and to become kings, you have to learn of kindness and care too.

We go now to the palace of Janak, in Mithila where you learn to seek. Woo the princess, persuade her to be your partner in life. She is of the Earth and will always hold you steady.

Narrator: The princes, with Sage Vishwamitra, go to Mithila, the Kingdom of Raja Janak. It was alive with music and festivities! The princess was to choose her mate!

Sita:I must see the princes who have arrived, or how can I choose tomorrow? I shall go to the Temple to pray, and there, I shall be able to see them behave naturally in the Mela Gardens. I love spying!

Narrator: Sita goes to the Garden. And sees many princes. Some were old, some looked cruel. Some looked proud. Then she spotted Rama.

Sita:What a kind face! He looks as if he could care and share, as well as be strong! He is the one who will string the bow!

Narrator: The next day, in the Marriage Hall, princes came up turn by turn, but none could string the great Shiva’s Bow.

Sita: I sit here all pretty with flowers and jewels. But I really wish I could help Rama. He said he was confident he could manage the task. I did tell him how to handle the Bow, I hope he is a listening man. Well, if he can’t listen, he does not deserve to win!

Narrator: Rama was a good listener, it seems. He walked with Grace.. (Rama Walks to Bow) picked it up with ease (Rama picks up Bow) and strung it with ease (Rama acts out the stringing of the Bow). In the real story, the Bow breaks, but I think we can change it a bit. (Narrator to Grin).

Rama: Sita, Be my Queen, come and rule Ayodhya with me!

Sita: It will be a joy to share your journey, O King to Be! I am of the Earth; Palaces and Jungles are the same to me. And I will be your partner.

Narrator: Amid great festivities, the marriage was performed. The four brothers found wives in Mithila, and went home to Ayodhya for more… Food and Fun! The Brides were welcomed, the Palace was an even better place than before. 


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