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Ramayana I: The Tale of Four Princes

on October 15, 2012

At the start of Navaratri, we commence the Ramleela site with the Ramayana in ten parts; one part to be enacted on  each day of the festival and the climax on Dussehra. This is the first part of the great epic, in two short, fun-filled acts for the young actors … ENJOY!

Characters: Narrator

image courtesy: http://www.indianetzone.com/46/birth_lord_rama.htm


Deer (toy)



Dashrath’s 3 wives (Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra)


4 baby dolls

Activity: Crowns, Bow & Arrow made from chart paper/ cardboard)


Narrator: The Kingdom of Ayodhya was great – with kind King Dasharath, rising palaces and happy people. Like all great kings, one day Dashrath went hunting.

Dashrath enters, holding a Bow and Arrow. 

Pretends to hear a sound.

Dasharath: That sounds like a deer in the forest. I will follow the sound and shoot!

(Takes aim, shoots)

Shravan: AAAAAAH!

Dasharath: Oh no! That sounds like a boy!

(Runs over to Shravan)

Shravan: I must go to my parents, they are blind and need me! (Dies)

Dasharath: I must tell his parents what happened. They are sure to curse me. Nothing can be worse than this!

(Goes over to Shravan’s blind parents, a little distance away)

Shravan’s Parents: We curse you Dasharath! May you die longing for your Children!

Dasharath: I am deeply sorry. (Whispers – does this mean I will have children??) I promise to look after you all your life.



Dasharath in his palace talking to his queens

Dasharath: This is so sad! I have no children! I want children! The punditji may have a magical solution.

Pundit: Oh yes, I always have incredible solutions that mere mortals cannot understand. We will perform a havan, and the fruit offering must be shared among your wives. Then they will have children.

Dasharath: OK

Pundit: Here is the blessed Fruit

Dasharath: Yooohoo! Ahem. I mean, thank you, wise sage. Your blessings are the best!

Dasharath takes the fruit and shares it among his three wives.

Only, he never learnt how to do fractions, so he cut it into four parts.

Dasharath: Kaushalya, you are my first wife, the first slice goes to you.

Kaushalya: Thank you my king. Though you could have asked me to slice it for you, I could have cut it evenly into three, then all of us would have bigger pieces.

Dasharath: Kaikeyi, my most beautiful wife, here is a piece of the fruit for you!

Kaikeyi: Is it the best piece?

Dasharath: Sumitra, my sweetest wife, you never ask for anything. I have two pieces of the fruit left. They are yours.

Sumitra: Thank you, you kind king. May your kindnesses increase!

Narrator: Soon the Queens had babies. The first was born to the eldest queen, he was Rama. The Beautiful Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharat. Sumitra had twins, and they were called Lakshmana and Shatrugna.

The palace resounded with song, dance and celebration. Flowers were showered and lamps were lit!



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  1. Mumsphere says:

    such a great thought.thanks for putting this together!!! will definately shre this mumsphre readers!

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